IAM works and collaborates with a rich network of professionals with a view of advising clients in a contemporary and accurate manner.

Our Outsourcing services, Administration and Back up office further assists our clients in ensuring that they are provided with cost-effective and reliable services whilst ensuring productivity and efficiency.

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Our Outsourcing Services include:

  • Our legal professionals ensure anticipation, prevention and solution to legal issues with regard to regulatory framework or corporate conflicts. We aim to provide comprehensive legal advice, assistance and representation with a clear emphasis on competency and efficiency.
  • At IAM, we offer our clients, in keeping with their preferences, non-executive, independent directorship services, which essentially focus on the exercise of an experienced, qualified and independent judgment in relation to key corporate governance affairs of our clients and their business.
  • Our directors ensure that the highest standards of corporate governance are applied consistently with the applicable laws and regulations while acknowledging evolving industry practices at their best. Our directors work towards fulfilling their mandates and carrying out their responsibilities in a diligent, dynamic and professional manner, with the ultimate aim of protecting investors as well as the long-term interests of all relevant stakeholders.
  • At IAM, we believe the long-term success and prosperity of a business venture hinges on integrity, dependability and professionalism. These qualities encourage us to unfailingly focus on our fundamental goal of continuing to meet and exceed our clients’ current and evolving needs for a tailored and enhanced service.
  • We provide a wide range of Board services to ensure competency, efficiency and adherence to governing legislations, Code of Conducts, Good Corporate Governance among other regulatory prerequisites.

Company Secretarial Services

We offer and assist in maintaining statutory obligations and requirements in the most efficient way. Our services non-exclusively include:

  • Maintaining records and registers
  • Drafting of agendas and maintaining of all minutes of proceedings, resolutions and other related corporate documents
  • Filling of statutory documents as per legal requirements
  • Liaising with professionals and authorities on ad hoc basis
  • Assisting in preparation of Financial Statements and its filling
  • Human Resource Management Services, i.e., administrative tasks and payroll services; drafting of contract of employments and other HR related matters within the remit of the law
  • Corporate Immigration Services, assisting with needs and requirements of expatriates in obtaining their visas, licenses, permits, accommodation and migrating services.